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Open Enrollment

**Given our current status, the April 1 open enrollment request deadline has been revoked until further notice.**
The Durango School District 9-R endorses the neighborhood school concept and makes many critical decisions based on student population within the attendance areas of residence. The District also recognizes that resident students may wish to attend a school within the district outside of their assigned school. District policy allows students to attend any school of their choice on a space available, first come, first served basis through the Open Enrollment process.

If you have an interest in your child attending a school other than their neighborhood school, you need to initiate a request for open enrollment by completing the Open Enrollment application located below. You may also obtain the form at any school office or at the Administration building. Once the form is completed, you will need to obtain the signatures of both the sending and receiving principals if the student lives within the district boundaries.

Registration in the school of choice will not be permitted until the student has received approval for open enrollment or transfer. Approval will be granted based on availability of space and resources. Students within the designated attendance area shall have priority in registering in that school.

Important Dates

February 15 - Applications available for the following school year.
April 1 - Given our current remote operation, the April 1 open enrollment request deadline has been revoked until further notice. Please complete as much of the open enrollment form information that you can, and email it to lparrish@durangoschools.org for processing at a future date.
May 1 - In- District applications for open enrollment received by April 1 of the prior school year will be reviewed and approved, rejected or placed on a waiting list in the order in which the applications are received and will be considered for approval by May 1.
Prior to August 20 - Out-of-District applications and applications received after April 1 and prior to the start of school will be held and reviewed after fall registration and before the first day of school.
After August 20 - Parents and/or students who desire a change of school after the first day of classes must submit a letter together with the form and will be considered a transfer. Permission to transfer when granted will be for the remainder of the year. Renewal of transfers is not automatic.
October 1 - Open enrollment transfer requests received on or after this date must be approved by the Superintendent before the student starts school at the new location. Out-of-District applications are not accepted after October 1.

Important Links
Attendance Boundaries- Click here to view a listing of feeder schools and to determine which school zone your residence falls within via Google Maps.
Registration Information- Click here for district-wide registration information and documents.
Intra District Choice Enrollment Policy- Click here for the district-wide policies around intra-district choice enrollment. (Board Policy JFBA)
Inter District Choice Enrollment Policy- Click here for the district-wide policies around inter-district choice enrollment. (Board Policy JFBB)

Common Documents
Open enrollment documents for 2019/20:
Frequently Asked Questions
How do I open enroll my student?
Obtain the open enrollment request form at any school office, or online, or at the Administration Building.
After completing the form, obtain the signatures of both the sending principal and the receiving principal if you live within the district. Fifth grade students only need to obtain the receiving principal’s signature.
If you live outside the district, you only need to obtain the signature of the principal of the school you wish to attend.
Submit the completed form to the school you would like your student to attend.

What factors could cause my open enrollment request to be denied?

  • The school is at class size capacity, grade level capacity or total enrollment capacity.
  • The student has a particular talent, interest, or need for a program that is not available at the open enrollment school.
  • The student has been expelled from another school.
  • The students does not meet eligibility criteria such as age requirements, course prerequisites, and required levels of performance.
  • Academic Standing.
  • Disciplinary Record.
  • Attendance.
  • Any other factors deemed appropriate by principal of receiving school

What is the priority for accepting students for open enrollment?

Students have priority for open enrollment based on the following order:

1. A student whose parent/guardian is employed within the district.
2. A new student applicant who is a sibling of a currently open enrolled or center-based student and lives at the same residence as the currently enrolled student.
3. A new student applicant who resides within the district and is not a sibling of a currently enrolled student.
4. A new student applicant who resides outside the district and is a sibling of a currently enrolled student.
5. A new student applicant who resides outside of the district.

Is transportation provided for students who are open enrolled?
Except as may be required by law, transportation for resident students granted permission to attend school outside their attendance area is the responsibility of their parents or guardians. The District may at its discretion allow students to ride in district buses on a space available basis provide such transportation does not disrupt regular routes or require new loading areas.
To determine transportation options and space availability, please contact the Transportation Department at (970) 247-5335.
Transportation may be revoked or denied if the student has three category 2 and/or two category 3 behavior offenses. For an explanation, please see the Student Conduct Code in the Family Success Guide, which may be found online at durangoschools.org.

How do I determine which school is my neighborhood school?
The location of your residence determines where your child attends school. Three elementary schools fall within Durango city limits, and four elementary schools fall in outlying areas. The middle school your child will attend depends upon the elementary school attendance area in which you reside.

See our attendance boundary maps here.
Once my student is accepted as an open-enrolled student, do I need to re-apply for open enrollment every year?
Once your child is accepted as an open-enrolled student, you do not need to re-apply until they complete the highest grade available in that school unless they are contacted by the school do so.
For out-of-district students, you must re-apply for open enrollment each year.
Students whose place of residence changes within the school district during the school year must complete transfer forms for record-keeping purposes. Students will be required to attend the school of their new attendance area the following year unless application is made for open enrollment or transfer.
Contact Information
To receive more information about Open Enrollment, please contact the principal of the school your student would like to attend. For further assistance you may contact:

Student Support Services
Phone: (970) 247‐5411