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A Round of Applause for Our September Bravo! Award Winners

Sunnyside Teacher Librarian LaRae Dotson
The Bravo! Award for the week of September 4th went to Sunnyside Teacher Librarian LaRae DotsonLaRae was nominated by Kindergarten Teacher Tina Henderson.
In her nomination she wrote, "LaRae Dotson is such a wonderful team player. She keeps all things technical at Sunnyside up and running, spends countless days in her summer cleaning up and loading games on the iPads while removing cookies and temporary graphic files so they are ready for students to use when we return. She is there many, many days before the school year begins returning carts, setting up laptops, logging in all devices and making sure everything is up and ready to go! When new programs are implemented she happily meets with teachers to guide us through the programs. Technology can change quickly and LaRae is always aware of the newest things we should try and is ready to share new ideas at the beginning of the school year. I am excited to use a new program on the iPad with my kindergartners that she just shared!

LaRae is a joy to work with! She is never grumpy, always kind and even when I feel confused or frustrated with the technology, calmly walking me through the processes and/or program. I love working with her. Every building in the district deserves to work with someone as great as LaRae. Sunnyside is so lucky to have her!"
Congratulations, LaRae!
Riverview Elementary custodian Taylor Leasure
The Bravo! Award for the week of September 11th went to Riverview Elementary custodian Taylor Leasure. He was nominated anonymously by a fellow Riverview staff member.
In their nomination they wrote, "I would like to nominate Taylor Leasure, the daytime custodian at Riverview Elementary, for going above and beyond on behalf of our students. Taylor, after cleaning and maintaining the cafeteria after 475 students ate and disposed of their trash, heard that a student had lost his hearing aid by accidentally throwing it away.  Even though Taylor knew the student’s father was on his way to dig through the garbage, he stopped what he was doing and went through all of our lunch trash to look for the hearing aid (a needle in a haystack if there ever was one), until he found it.Taylor is an exemplar of providing customer service at a level that goes way beyond his job description. Thanks for putting our students first Taylor!"
Congratulations, Taylor!
 Laura Mottershead, Administrative Assistant at Needham Elementary
The Bravo! Award for the week of September 18th went to Laura Mottershead, Administrative Assistant at Needham Elementary. She was nominated by Principal Jenny McKenna and Assistant Principal Laurie Rossback.
In their nomination they wrote, "Laura joined us last spring and has been a fantastic addition to our team! We love working with Laura, as she is positive, kind, inclusive and caring. Parents have shared how calm and welcoming the office has felt throughout the beginning of the new school year. When students visit the office, Laura greets them with an open heart--whether it’s getting a Band-Aid, helping them call home, or checking in on how their day is going. 
She has gone above and beyond expectations in many ways: she has completely reorganized the office and streamlined our registration process and paperwork, taken photos of our staff, and has shared her artistic expertise. Laura is precise and accurate in everything she does, always attending to the details. With all of this combined, Laura has created an inviting and professional office environment at Needham.
We are so grateful Laura chose to join the Needham team! We couldn’t do it without you! 
Congratulations, Laura!
Devina Gunn, Paraeducator at Animas Valley Elementary
The Bravo! Award for the week of September 25th went to Devina Gunn, Paraeducator at Animas Valley Elementary. She was nominated by Human Resource Technician Natasha Rodriquez.
In her nomination she wrote, "I would like to nominate Devina Gunn for her kind actions. Devina, like many of us attended a Professional Development day this past week. During the event, Devina saw that a lady was upset and having a panic attack in the hallway. Devina, the caring person that she is, immediately stopped what she was doing to help the lady in any way possible. Devina has such a kind, selfless heart, and is an individual who truly deserves this nomination!"
Congratulations, Devina!
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