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Information for Families Participating in the Enrichment Program

General Details

For the most recent upcoming Enrichment Days of October 30 and November 2, all activities for elementary students will take place at Durango High School. Middle school students will be supported at their middle school sites. The school day will begin at the normal time, and activities will end at 2:30 pm for elementary and 3:00 pm for middle schools.  If you need something for your elementary child after 2:30 pm, please be sure to make arrangements with Kids’ Camp or otherwise, as all students will depart the campus between 2:30 and 2:40 pm. 

Those who are registered for Kids' Camp will be supervised at Needham Elementary until the usual time, regardless of the school they normally attend.  For more information, contact Audra Snow at ASnow@durangoschools.org


Please watch for more information about November 30 soon if you also registered for that day.  


Bus services will be available on that day if you registered for the service. If you regularly ride the bus, the bus will pick you up at your regular stop and regular time. If you normally walk to school, the bus will pick your child up from your school to bring them to Durango High School at the same time school normally begins on a regular school day.

PLEASE DO NOT drop your child off at the high school directly. Please drop your child off at their school location to be transported to the high school for the day. If you are dropping your child off at your home school to access this service, please plan to also pick your child up at your home school.


Middle school students may be dropped off directly at their school site.

If your child walks home or is picked up at school, please know that the bus will be at your school at the following times:

Animas Valley - 2:53 - 2:50

Riverview - 2:48 - 2:50

Park - 2:47 - 2:50

Florida Mesa - 2:57 - 3:00

Sunnyside - 3:03 - 3:05

Fort Lewis Mesa - 3:10 - 3:10

Needham - 2:45 - 2:50

Miller - 3:00 pm

Escalante - 3:00 pm


If you are expecting your bus rider at your regular home stop, please allow a 40 minute window for drop off time from the departure time from your child’s home school listed above. 


Students will be cohorted by school site, not their regular school cohorts, as only a small percentage of students are participating in Enrichment Days. So this day will operate similarly to Kids’ Camp, where students will remain with school classmates, but not necessarily their school cohort. They will be supervised by support staff from their school to further maintain school cohorts. 

Health Screens

Health screens will take place on campus on Enrichment Days, so no need to complete the form from home. Please continue to complete the form from home on regular school days.


There will be some movement of students on these days to participate in various activities at the school in the common areas of the school. You can also expect some guest speakers and walking field trips to areas in and around the high school. By participating in the Enrichment Days, you are agreeing to these activities that are not common on a regular school day.

Activities will be in one-hour blocks, and we are excited to offer math and science activities through the day. On the Friday, October 30 session, there will be two blocks available for students to complete their remote work that will be assigned to them the day before.  They should bring that work with them.  If that work isn’t brought, we will ask students to complete it at home and be prepared to turn it back into school on Tuesday.

Meal Service

Please DO NOT send your child with food for Enrichment days; we will be providing all meals during these days. Lunch will be provided to middle school students at their school site as well. If you have any food allergies or exceptions, please be sure to notify us as soon as possible by calling Communications at 970-247-5411 or emailing info@durangoschools.org.


Please remember to send your child with a water bottle, with appropriate clothing and with sunscreen on, as many activities will take place outside.  Please DO NOT send your child to Enrichment days in a Halloween costume, and please remember that scooters, rollerblades or heely shoes are not allowed.

Thanks again for registering your child and we look forward to serving you and your child.

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