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November Bravo! Winners

The October winners of the gift cards are:
Nominee - Amanda Peters - Ore House Certificate
Nominator - Janet Mondragon - Zia's Gift Card
Ryan Toliver
Winner the week of November 4:

"I am nominating Ryan Toliver (Special Education Teacher, Needham Elementary). Ryan consistently provides services to his students and collaborates with teammates. He is unwavering in his positive attitude and works tirelessly to provide individualized education to children with whom he works. He seeks feedback to improve services and communicates well with staff and the greater community so that students are able to succeed socially and academically."

Ryan was nominated by Riley Alderton!  Congratulations Ryan, and thanks for all you do!  
Mary Logan
Winner the week of November 11:

"I would like to nominate Mary Logan. She is so great at everything.  She keeps her composure in the chaos of the office at Riverview.  People, including me, ask her questions all day and she keeps up with the constant interruptions with a smile.  She keeps track of everything that is going on in the school and helps us all keep track of ourselves.  She is keen to solve a problem and find answers to questions she may not know. We notice her absence on the few days she's not at school.  Thanks, Mary, for all you do.

Mary was nominated by Justin McAfee!  Congratulations Mary, and thanks for all you do!

Winner the week of November 18:

"I would like to nominate Savannah Prentice from Fort Lewis Mesa Elementary for a Bravo! Award!! Savannah is our resource teacher and has quite the caseload. She is always willing to support her students and others throughout the building. Savannah greets every student with a smile and checks-in with them to ensure they're having a great day. If students are struggling emotionally or academically, Savannah is always there to provide support. She is full of ideas, works hard for her students, and gives so much time and energy to what she does. Despite some challenges she may encounter, Savannah puts her students and coworkers first with a positive attitude. She makes our school a safe, welcoming, fun, and inclusive place to be!!"

Savannah was nominated by Kristin Qualls!  Congratulations Savannah, and thanks for all you do!  
Anne Monie
Winner the week of November 25:

"Mrs. Anne Monie has been feeding students at Sunnyside for many years.  She goes out of her way to make them feel loved, in a genuine way.  She will conduct surveys of what the students would like to eat. That makes them feel like they are a part of breakfast and lunch planning.  Every day she provides a safe place to have a meal for all.  On their birthday, each student receives a personalized Happy Birthday place-mat signed by Sunnyside Staff members.  Then she leads the entire Bulldog Cafe' to sing Happy Birthday to that student!  She comes up with ways to make vegetables sound exciting!!! That alone is a feat!  Much thought and consideration goes in to all the decorations she places in the Bulldog Café.  She even has information on the walls that the students can relate to and find informative.  Mrs. Monie provides occasional, Friday Dance Parties, where students and community members walk in to Sunnyside and hear her music and upbeat vibes down the hallways.  I appreciate Mrs. Monie and the love and thought that she has provided our children through the years. Sunnyside is very lucky to have Mrs Monie and we appreciate her very much!"

Mrs. Monie was nominated by Amanda McKown and Melia Chavez!  Congratulations Anne aka Mrs. Monie, and thanks for all you do!
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