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District Accountability Advisory Committee Annual Survey

On behalf of the District Accountability and Advisory Council, we'd like to thank you for past participation in the parent survey in Durango 9-R.  We have modified this year's survey in an effort to streamline it and ensure that we increase our participation from the past couple of years. Your feedback on OUR school district is important as our DAAC, our School Board, and our Superintendent work together to ensure that our schools are as effective as they can be for our students.  

Please do take this survey for each school in which you have a child enrolled.  (For example, if you have a child at Needham and at Miller, please take the survey twice with your answers focused on your experience at each school.)

Our DAAC will publish results and schools will utilize your feedback in its Unified Improvement Planning process.  

Thanks again for your time and participation in helping our school district be the best it can be.  This survey will remain open through the end of February and you may receive multiple links.  This is in an effort to ensure that we receive maximum amount of feedback.  Again, please only respond once for each school in which you have a child enrolled.


2019-20 District Accountability & Advisory Council