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Special Education Advisory Committee (SEAC)

The 9-R Special Education Advisory Committee (SEAC) is district panel composed of parents and special education staff. The committee acts as a bridge between parents, the school district and the community. SEAC provides an opportunity for parents to share their views and gain information pertaining to students who are on an IEP.
SEAC meets once a month and any community member is invited. 
  • How do we make special education services in Durango 9R more effective and understandable?
  • Responsibility of all members are to advise and not advocate for specific positions or agenda. Advise means to inform, counsel, recommend, suggest, or guide. To advocate means to plead your case or position, to favor an individual case or argument. The committee is to provide advice based on data and good judgement. (CSEAC)
Frequently Asked Questions and Helpful Tips
Who do I talk to about helping my child?
Teacher and/or School Counselor: Your child’s classroom teacher and/or the school counselor is the best person to talk to if you have questions about your child’s performance in school. It is best to keep in good communication with your classroom teacher, as they are with your child the most during the school day. The classroom teacher and/or school counselor will be able to talk to you about next steps and connect you with resources that may help you in assisting your child.

My child’s school has contacted me about interventions, RTI, MTSS. What does this mean?
Please follow these links for more information. Do not hesitate to meet with your classroom teacher or school counselor with any questions you have in regards to any of these processes.
What is Rti and Mtss?

What questions can I ask my child’s casemanager, classroom teacher, counselor, or service provider, before, during, or after and IEP Meeting?
Please follow the link for more information.
Questions to ask

Special education services; IEP and 504 Process
Please follow the link to learn about IEP’s and 504’s.
Understanding IEP and 504

Disability Categories
Please follow the link below to learn about disabilities. Within each category you can click on the link for more information and resources.
CDE Disabilities Categories

Possible Service Providers
Case Manager
Social Worker
Speech Language Pathologist
Behavior Specialist
Occupational Therapist
Physical Therapist
Orientation and Mobility Therapist
Vision Teacher

Please follow the link to learn more about student transitions to school, in school, or to a new school. Please ask your child’s case manager about appropriate transition supports for your child.
Quick tips for a variety of transitions

Special Education Advisory Committee Meetings

2018-2019 School Year


Durango 9-R Administration Building, 3rd floor, ESS Conference Room

201 East 12th Street, Durango, CO 81031

Lead Facilitators: Meaghan Anderson (DHS), James Dusman (RVE), Tonia Beckler (AVE)

Who: Community Members, Parents, Educators, Students


Meeting Dates


Tuesday, November 13th

  • SEAC Overview
  • Goals for the year
  • Individualized Education Plan (IEP) Process
  • Response to Intervention

Tuesday, December 11th

  • Goal review
  • IEP sections
  • Community Resources

Tuesday, January 8th

  • Transitions
  • Action Planning

Tuesday, February 12

  • Assistive Technology
  • Sensory needs and supports

Tuesday, March 12th

  • Love and Logic Introduction and overview for parents and educators.

Tuesday, April 9th  


  • Goal Setting
  • TBD

Tuesday, May 14th

  • Year end reflection
  • Topics are subject to change.