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Colorado Preschool Program

Colorado Preschool Program
The Durango School District has participated in the Colorado Preschool
Program (CPP) since 1995. It is funded by the state legislature under the
School Finance Act with the intent of serving children who may be at risk
for being unsuccessful in kindergarten by providing them with high-quality
educational experiences in the year prior to kindergarten. 

Eligibility for your child’s acceptance into CPP is based on the Eligibility
Checklist which you complete and a developmental screening is done with your child.
Acceptance of your child will provide you with tuition assistance for the
preschool. A child cannot be turned down for one location and go to another
school to gain a slot. CPP is administered through the Durango School District.
Attendance is required throughout the year to maintain the slot.

We have a District CPP Council made up of teachers, collaborators, parents,
and other community members who recommend policies and procedures to
the School District regarding the CPP. If you would like to volunteer to be
on the District Council, please contact Jennifer Baufield at jbaufield@durangoschools.org.
We meet 6 times during the school year at an agreed-upon time.

Our Council has set the following guidelines for each center:
• A maximum of 16 children per classroom with an adult/child ratio of
one to eight
• At least two Individual Learning Plans for each child which states the
goals identified by the teacher and parent in social/emotional,
physical, cognitive, and language development.
• In addition to the Colorado Quality Standards, each site will use the
Creative Curriculum in the CPP classrooms.

The quality of our programs is always the most important focus for the CPP
sites. Understanding of the importance of high-quality early learning
experiences for children drove the legislature to create this program and
supports us as we look at the needs of all our children. We are required to
report on the following components:
• How we meet the Colorado Quality Standards for Early
Childhood Care and Education
• Continuing training and staff development
• How we support and encourage parental involvement and how
parents feel about our programs
• Nutrition, immunizations, and health and dental care

Currently, Durango School District 9-R has CPP sites at Durango Early
Learning Center, Fort Lewis College’s Campbell Center, Animas Valley
Preschool, Florida Mesa Preschool, Fort Lewis Mesa Preschool, Needham
Preschool, Park Preschool, Riverview Preschool, Riverhouse Children's Center, and Sunnyside Preschool.
We also contract with Tri-County Head Start Programs at Florida Mesa
Elementary, Needham Elementary, Park Elementary, and Durango North programs.
If you have any questions about CPP or your family’s participation in the
program, please call the Coordinator of Early Childhood Programs, Jennifer Baufield, at 247-5411, ext. 1468.
If you are interested in applying for tuition assistance through the Colorado Preschool Program please complete the following form.