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Professional Learning Communities

All students will be released an hour to 90 minutes earlier on Mondays to give teachers time each week to work together to improve student achievement. Specific release times for each school are listed on the bell schedule page on their website. Students will be expected to leave school grounds when classes end. If a student is not picked up after dismissal on any school day, the school will attempt to contact the parent on all numbers provided, as well as secondary contacts, to pick up their student. If the school is unable to reach the family, local authorities will be notified. Bus service will be available at the end of the school day to take students home. Elementary students may enroll in our extended after-school program. Pre-registration and pre-payment for services is required.
Durango 9-R adopted the Professional Learning Communities (PLC) model of school improvement in 2007-08. The Board of Education approved the PLC model in December 2006 at the request of principals who said teachers and staff needed more time together to address student-learning goals. PLC’s are a model of school improvement developed by Richard DuFour, former superintendent of Adlai Stephenson High School in Illinois. DuFour introduced the concept to Durango teachers during a series of workshops in 2004.
In a PLC, teachers work as a team to analyze assessment results and data to see how well teaching strategies and curriculum are helping students learn. When teachers work together to address student learning needs, they apply more experience, knowledge, and training to address the learning challenge than one teacher alone can do. The problem-solving method models the type of 21st Century learning skills we want our students to learn, too.
In addition to the instruction, assessment, and intervention that occur in the classroom, teachers also employ PLC to improve instruction and student learning. Your child’s teacher is expected to tap the wisdom and experience of his or her PLC to identify different strategies to help your student learn.