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Facility Rentals

*Before proceeding with your rental request, please thoroughly read the Facility Use PP&P at the bottom of this page.

ALL Organizations MUST complete the online "Facility Use Request Form."  To access click HERE.

ALL Facility Users MUST email a copy of their Certificate of Liability Insurance and a signed Facility Use PP&P to the Finance Department at rthames@durangoschools.org .  Non-profits are also required to attach their 501(c)3 letter to receive non-profit rates.

For events in Buckley Park, Needham Park, Panto Park (by Park Elementary), or the Riverview Sports Complex, please contact the City of Durango.

See our academic calendar for "Black Out Dates". These are dates that school is not in session and our facilities will not be available to rent. 

*Please review the Facility Use Rules and Regulations for full details.*

Durango School District 9-R school facilities are available to the community for educational, civic, and cultural purposes. School facilities may be used at times that will not interfere with school programs or school-sponsored activities. The use of school facilities involves certain costs to maintain compliance with financial policies, OSHA regulations, and to provide fairness to the community and the School District. These costs may include but are not limited to, the cost of facility maintenance such as utilities, supplies, trash pick-up, snow removal, insurance, and other similar overhead expenses (i.e. security, custodial, etc.). Durango School District 9-R has determined that the costs to support extra community use must not come at the expense of instructional programs; therefore, facility user fees and custodial charges are charged to all organizations desiring the use of school facilities. The purpose for which the organization desires the use of school facilities will determine the charges.

The District will determine and schedule the minimal staff support services necessary for the activity scheduled and the facility to be used. This includes, but is not limited to, opening of the building for an activity, remaining throughout the activity, and as long as is necessary to properly close/prepare the building for the next day’s use.  If special requests are made for altering the normal set-up of a specific area or for the use of special equipment, additional fees and/or staff charges will be necessary to cover these expenses. School equipment is to be used by school personnel or under their immediate supervision. Durango School District 9-R determines the personnel needed to properly supervise, protect, and safeguard school property during any activity.

Facility user fees apply to all non–Durango School District 9-R events, including school clubs that are not Durango 9-R sponsored events. In addition, Durango School District 9-R employees using school facilities for non–school related functions will be subject to the same facility user fees, rules, and regulations that apply to non-Durango School District 9-R events.


If you have any other questions not answered by visiting the Facility Rental System or after reading the Facility Use PP&P, please feel free to call Rachel Thames at 970-247-5411 ext 1429.



Required Documents

Please email the following documents to rthames@durangoschools.org 
No requests will be approved without these documents. 
Certificate of Liability insurance
Signed Facility Use PP&P
Tax Status Letter (if claiming non-profit rates)