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Facility Rentals

ALL Organizations MUST complete the online "Facility Use Agreement."  To access click HERE.

ALL Facility Users MUST attach a copy of their Certificate of Liability Insurance to the online application.  

For events in Buckley Park please contact the City of Durango.



Central Administration Building  -  Contact Lynette Newman, Sr. Administrative Assistant (970) 247-5411, x1429. lnewman@durangoschools.org  Approval from Kevin Smelker, Interim Director of Finance.

Animas Valley Elementary - Contact Leslie Van Lindt, Administrative Assistant (970) 247-0124 x3400 lvanlindt@durango.k12.co.us   Approval from Michol Brammer, Principal

Big Picture High School - Contact Trudy Colford, Administrative Assistant (970) 259-0203 x2700 tcolford@durango.k12.co.us  Approval form Bradley Hardin, Principal

Durango High School - For athletic facility rentals, contact Ann Duft, Administrative Assistant (970) 259-1630 x2302 aduft@durango.k12.co.us.    Approval from Athletics/Activities Director; For non-athletic facility rentals, contact Becca Heath, Administrative Assistant (970) 259-1630 x2179 rheath@durango.k12.co.us, Approval from Jon Hoerl, Principal

Escalante Middle School - Contact Tami Jantz, Administrative Assistant (970) 247-9490 x2800 tjantz@durango.k12.co.us    Approval from Jeremy Voss, Principal             

Florida Mesa Elementary - Contact Lynd Jeter, Administrative Assistant (970) 247-4250 x3300 ljeter@durango.k12.co.us     Approval from Vanessa Fisher, Principal

Fort Lewis Mesa Elementary - Contact Denise Herrera, Administrative Assistant (970) 588-3331 x3800 dherrera@durango.k12.co.us.    Approval from Karen Gray, Principal

Miller Middle School -Contact Gail Cartwright, Administrative Assistant (970) 247-1418 x2500 gcartwright@durango.k12.co.us.  Approval from Vicki Trousdale, Principal

Needham Elementary - Contact Tammie Cartwright, Administrative Assistant (970) 247-4791 x3600 tcartwright@durango.k12.co.us    Approval from Jenny McKenna, Principal

Park Elementary - Contact Debi Lorenz, Administrative Assistant (970) 247-3718 x3500 dlorenz@durango.k12.co.us    Approval from Marie Voss-Patterson, Principal

Riverview Elementary - Contact Mary Logan, Administrative Assistant (970) 247-3862 x3200 mlogan@durango.k12.co.us   Approval from Doug Geygan, Principal

Sunnyside Elementary - Contact Theresa Kassales, Administrative Assistant (970) 259-5249 x3700 tkassales@durango.k12.co.us   Approval from Patrick Hyatt, Principal

Durango School District 9-R school facilities are available to the community for educational, civic, and cultural purposes. School facilities may be used at times which will not interfere with school programs or school sponsored activities.  The use of school facilities involve certain costs, which the Durango School District feels cannot be paid for out of regular school funds.  In keeping with sound financial policies and with fairness to the community and the school district, rental fees and custodial charges are made to the various organizations desiring to use school facilities.  The purpose for which the organization desires the use of school facilities will, in part, determine the rental charges.

The district will determine the minimum custodial services and technical support services necessary for the activity scheduled and the facility to be used.  If special requests are made for altering the normal set-up of a specific area or for the use of special equipment, additional custodial charges will be necessary to cover these expenses.  School equipment is to be used only by school personnel or under their immediate supervision.

User fees apply to all NON-Durango School District 9-R events.  In addition, Durango School District 9-R employees using school facilities for non-school related functions will be subject to the same rental fees that apply to NON-Durango School District 9-R events. 


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