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Healthy Learner

elementary student art project
What is a Healthy Learner?
How does the mind, body, and brain "learn" best?
What is the Science of Learning?
Healthy students are better learners! Health and wellness is all encompassing since our thinking, emotions, and biology help drive attention, memory, mindset, and motivation.  Empowering our students to better appreciate the connection and power of the "how" and "why" is transformational.   
The science of learning (MBE:Mind, Brain, Education Sciences) offers the potential for optimal learning when students "learn how to learn".  From the brain basics to mindsets and behaviors, digging into the relevant science and research is transformational and empowering for all learners! 

Click on the "Healthy Learner Library" or  "Learning List Brain Buffet" on the home page to feast on some of the ideas and concepts in this category!!