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A Round of Applause for Our October Bravo! Award Winners

Heidi Jordan, teacher and English department instructional leader at Durango High Schoo
The Bravo! Award for the week of October 2nd went to Heidi Jordan, teacher and English department instructional leader at Durango High School. She was nominated by fellow DHS teacher, Kristina Bruton.
In her nomination she wrote, "In any year, Heidi is a tour de force. This year, she has been especially instrumental in ensuring that the students in our senior-level concurrent enrollment class are receiving quality instruction while they await the arrival of their teacher of record due to the summer resignation of the previous instructor. Heidi has done this while teaching a full load of her own classes, spearheading our department's work on Summative Demonstrations of Learning, training new members of our department, and empowering others to to take up team-level leadership. 

In addition, Heidi is a stalwart colleague, friend, wife, and mother. She has been of service to this district for over two decades, and her enthusiasm for the job has never waned."
Nice work, Heidi!
Karen Patrum, Art Teacher at Needham Elementary
The Bravo! Award for the week of October 9th went to Karen Patrum, Art Teacher at Needham Elementary. She was nominated by Needham's Behavior and Mindsets Teacher, Julie McCue.
In her nomination she wrote, "Karen is our Art Teacher at Needham who tirelessly creates lessons to inspire artists from K-5th grade. She is very kind, patient, and loving to all of our students. While inspiring budding artists, she also finds extra time to make Needham a beautiful place for all our families. Every new school year Karen has the 5th graders design and paint the rock in front of Needham. This is no easy feat, yet year after year the rock is unique and shows that grade level’s personalities. After they have painted it, she then comes in on a Saturday to add the outlines and details!

This year, Karen was asked to create a wall-size mural for the entryway to our school. Based on a STEAM theme, she first sketched out her vision on paper. She then traced it on the wall, organized a staff “painting party” for a Saturday, and then continued to put the finishing touches after her contract hours. All of this was done with praise for us struggling artists, a smile on her face, and laughter in the hallway. We are very fortunate to have Karen on our staff!
Nice work, Karen!
Lynd Jeter, Admisitrative Assistant at Florida Mesa Elemetary
The Bravo! Award for the week of October 16th went to Lynd Jeter, Administrative Assistant at Florida Mesa Elementary. She was nominated by Senior Administrative Assistant in Finance Rachel Thames.
In her nomination she wrote, "I would like to nominate Lynd Jeter at Florida Mesa Elementary. She is always smiling, cheerful, loves the children and is always going above and beyond! My son had a field trip today that I had completely forgotten about and nothing was prepared ahead of time. Lynd called me to let me know that today was in fact the field trip and that Jayden wasn't prepared. She offered up her lunch for my son so he would have something to eat, if I could get the rest of his supplies for the trip. I was able to race home, pack his supplies and a lunch, then drop off at the school with only a few minutes to spare. Lynd was there to greet me with a smile and outstretched hands ready to grab his stuff and took off running with it to the buses. Thank you for always looking out for the kids AND their parents. You are my Wonder Woman, Lynd!"
Great job, Lynd!
 Steve Gray, Help Desk Technician
 The Bravo! Award for the week of October 23rd went to Steve Gray, Help Desk Technician. He was nominated by Amy Bonilla and Melanie Oles-Graham in the Human Resources department. 
In their nomination they wrote, "We would like to nominate Steve Gray, for his patience and his willingness to help out with a multitude of tech issues. Anytime we called down or put in a tech order, Steve would gladly come up to help.
Steve is always cheerful and so supportive no matter how small or large the issue. He would always go beyond what we had asked and double check if we had all the different things working. Steve’s dedication to his job, shows through in his work ethic and his willingness to go the “extra mile”.  
Thank you, Steve for your hard work and willingness to serve our school district. We appreciate all that you do!"

Great job, Steve!
Tami Jantz, Administrative Assistant at Escalante Middle School
The Bravo! Award for the week of October 30th went to Tami Jantz, Administrative Assistant at Escalante Middle School. She received two anonymous nominations.
The first nomination read, "Tami Jantz is, by far, the most compassionate, empathetic, and genuine human being I know. Last year, I moved to Durango from across the country to be greeted by Tami. She was so excited to meet me and her smile instantly made me feel that I was home. She was passionate in telling me about the culture of Escalante Middle School, ensuring me that I would be surrounded by true family. To this day, I have never doubted that family surrounds me - which I attribute to Tami JantzTami goes above and beyond to unify our school and to make all those that enter our doors feel loved - staff, students, parents, and visitors. In addition to her warmth, Tami provides an incomparable service to our staff by going above and beyond to meet our (sometimes out-there) needs. No matter the problem, Tami either knows or will find the solution. She serves as our point-person for just about anything and sincerely cares enough about us that she exceeds the expectations of her position. I don't know what our school would be like without Tami Jantz - but I'm glad I don't have to imagine it. We love our Tami!"
The second nomination read, "So first thing, is Tami always greets every person with a smile. She is always so kind and warm. She cares about every person that comes into the office. She is amazing at her job as well. She goes above and beyond her call of duty  each and everyday. If we are not sure about something, we ask Tami and she either knows or she will find out for us. She will drop everything to help a fellow colleague or student. She makes the office a bright, welcoming place just by being who she is. She helps bring the staff together as a family by making us little treats for our Friday staff coffee mornings. Just things like that, where she just goes out of her way to make everyone else's day a little brighter. She has a heart of gold, and a spirit of a true angel."
Great job, Tami!
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